Tasmanian Oysters quality assured

Tasmania has adopted an internationally accepted Quality assurance program for the reduction of food safety risks of shellfish consumption. This program is carried out by Tasmanian Shellfish Quality Assurance Program (TSQAP) allowing Tasmanian oysters to enjoy an enviable food safety record. Our harvest areas have monitors that record the salinity levels after rainfall. This is governed by the TSQAP program who will close areas down for harvest when the levels are not acceptable. Water testing must take place before a harvest area can be re-opened. 


We are committed to supplying superiority of Tasmanian oysters online and through our wholesale channels.  Our exceptional clean green environment, implementing organic practices, in our growing, harvesting and packing environments right from our oyster farm to you. The sustainable management of Australia’s Southern Coastline is of great importance to us. We are totally committed to working with the natural environment, for long term sustainability of oyster farming in Australia.


Cold chain compliance is important to us, we work closely with transport companies to ensure product temperature and handling is of the expected standard ensuring the freshest oyster nutrition. Whole live Pacific Oysters should be stored at 3 to 4o Celsius and will keep for up to 10 days from harvest date. We have collated some delicious oyster recipes for you so you can enjoy fresh Tasmanian oysters right from our oyster farm on your dinner table – as fresh as oysters can be.



Build your own Oyster Gourmet Pack

Not only can you buy fresh oysters online and get them delivered to your door, but you can also create and build your own gourmet pack filled with a selection of Wicked Cheese and Drew Tasmanian wine. Here are some of the products that are offered. 

Wicked cheese gourmet pack

Wicked Cheese

Vintage Cheddar  175g

  • Matured for a minimum of 12 months the cheddar is a deep yellow colour with a firm closed texture. The cheese is hand made – quite uncommon in this day and age of mass produced cheddars.

  • Wicked cheddar is slightly buttery with a clean sharp acidic flavour that develops complexity with further ageing. As the cheese matures the result is a deep, full flavour that lingers, good old fashioned cheddar.


Whiskey Cheddar 175g

  • Cheese with a minimum age of 9 months is infused with single malt Tasmanian whiskey. The cheese has strong aromatic characteristics with complex and lingering blend of Smokey, malty flavours that are underpinned by clean and sharp cheddar flavours.


Brie  200g

  • Perfect white snowy mould covers a cheese that bears the deep rib marks from it’s resting racks. They’re so visible, like a tight belt around the belly, because of the high moisture content of this cheese. It is literally bulging, just waiting for the moment when the silver knife cuts it’s white velvety skin to reveal a soft, straw-yellow interior paste with a satin like gloss and a honey consistency that ooze onto the plate.

  • As the cheese matures the subtle nutty flavour will develop and the creamy texture will continue to soften. Slightly higher in fat content than our camembert the brie is luxuriously decadent and the perfect wicked treat for any time!

Camembert 200g

  • Wicked Camembert is a traditional cheese. A white mould hides a decidedly wicked centre. Starting life a little chalky, slightly salty and with a hint of mushroom flavour, this cheese will transform as it matures to a gorgeous gooey texture. There is milk, rennet and culture in Wicked camembert, and no stabilisers.

  • If you want a rubbery piece of cheese to fling at your naughty friend, this is not the cheese for you. However, if you want to seduce your friends with a silky camembert which melts on your tongue, cut a slice of Wicked Camembert.

Drew wines

Chardonnay 750ml

  • This is a single vineyard, exclusively estate produced wine from mature vines at Tea Tree in Tasmanian's Coal River Valley.

  • Fresh stone fruit & ripe grapefruit aromas. A soft fig & pecan make a flavoursome palate follows with delicate citrus mineral undertones giving line and length. Great anytime of day.


Shiraz 750ml

  • This is a single vineyard, exclusively estate produced wine from mature vines at Tea Tree in Tasmanian's Coal River Valley.

  • The wine is typified by the fruity purity and peppery spice only found in a true cool climate Shiraz. Its has soft tannins and a firm structure.


Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

  • This is a single vineyard, exclusively estate produced wine from mature vines at Tea Tree in Tasmanian's Coal River Valley.

  • Vibrant gooseberry and floral aromas through to the palate. Tropical fruit flavours and zingy fresh acids make for an excellent food wine.