Tasmanian Oysters

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Tasmanian oysters - the Tas Prime Oyster Difference

Here at Tas Prime Oysters we are committed to supplying superiority of oysters from the most pure oceanic waters of the Pacific Ocean. We implement organic practices, in our growing, harvesting and packing environments.  

Buy from the people who live by the tide - When you buy from Tas Prime Oysters, you are buying direct from the farm.

Each of our growing regions, just like wine, produces an oyster with a unique taste, colour, appearance and flavour that is particular to that region. Tasmanian oysters are the finest in the Australian market. Their distinctive full-bodied flavour is complimented by alluring colours and aromas.


All of our Oyster farms are export approved waters meeting strict Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service standards. Our export product is packed in our own approved packing facility with strict QA and HACCP programs that control our entire domestic and export processing and packing.

Fresh from the edge of the world....


 FreshTasmanian Oysters

Tasmania is an archipelago of more than 300 islands sitting just 240 kilometres (150 miles) South-east of mainland Australia.

What is it about Tasmania?

We have more than 1,000 mountain peaks, four mild seasons, more than 40 per cent of our Island is protected as national parks and reserves, and we have some of the world’s rarest animals – there are always things to do in Tasmania.

The 'Roaring Forty' winds that travel across our island bring with them the cleanest air in the world, our soils are rich and fertile; all this is proof that Tasmania has been truly blessed by nature. Our shellfish are no different.

Tasmanian fresh oysters are the best in the Australian market.

Their distinctive intense characteristics are unique bringing a fresh and nutritious Tasmanian oyster farm experience right to your kitchen tables complimenting your delicious oyster recipes with full-bodied flavours, alluring colours and aromas.  

We now invite you to discover the freshest oysters from the most pristine waters of the cool Southern Ocean.  This is the real taste of Tasmania, fresh from the edge of the world.